Bodies for Teaching Assessment

IThe CCSID guarantees a constant commitment towards improving and increasing the performance of the course. The AQ group consists of the Coordinator, the vice-coordinator and the teachers responsible for the year and at least one student of the CCSID. The main task of the AQ group is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the CdS, identifying the improvement actions and verifying their correct implementation towards all the interested parties.
In particular, the AQ group
a) monitors the performance of the program, through the data and information received from the administrative offices of the University, periodically reporting to the CCSID;
b) collects any reports or suggestions from the teaching staff and / or students and tries to follow up using the tools at its disposal;
c) report to the Study Program Board the presence of situations or phenomena that require immediate corrective action, proposing the corresponding measures to be adopted
d) carries out, as far as it is within its competence, or submits to the reference bodies the decisions approved by the Degree Program Board.
The AQ Group is required to draw up a report after each meeting in order to transmit the contents to the Degree Program Board.