Study Programmes

The curriculum includes all educational activities (classes, workshops, etc.) that must be taken to obtain a degree.

Each degree course comprises a number of exams, some of which are mandatory and decided by the academic boards, while others may be chosen by the students. The total of all required and optional exams makes up the student's curriculum, until the necessary academic credits are earned for the degree. While preparing their/his/her curriculum, students will be able to select a number of elective exams from a pre-compiled list, while they can freely choose the remaining exams.

Every year, students must indicate elective and/or free-choice exams by submitting their curriculum: the deadline for submission is indicated on a yearly basis as specified in the pages dedicated to University procedures and deadlines.

The prerequisite for submission is payment of the first installment of the tuition fee for the relevant academic year. Free-choice subjects are not to include subjects required in the years following the year of registration.


Each degree program includes a certain number of exams: some are mandatory and are decided by the institutional bodies, while others can be chosen by the students. The sum of compulsory exams and exams chosen is the study plan of the individual student up to the achievement of the credits required for the degree. During the completion of the study plan the student chooses a part of their exams, some within a pre-set list (optional), others in total freedom (freely chosen).
The student must define the optional training activities and / or free choice year by year by completing the study plan: the term for the determination of optional activities and / or free choice is set annually as defined on the pages dedicated to the procedures and deadlines by the University.
A necessary condition to carry out the operation is to have paid the first enrollment fee for the academic year to which the plan refers.