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Obiettivi del corso

As part of the health profession of Dental Hygienist, the Graduates are the health workers to whom they compete, the duties provided for by the D.M. of the Ministry of Health March 15, 1999, n. 137 and subsequent amendments and additions, or perform, on the instructions of dentists and surgeons authorized to practice the Dentistry, tasks related to the prevention of orodental diseases. Graduates in Dental Hygiene perform dental health education activities and participate in primary prevention projects within the public health system; they collaborate in the compilation of the odontostomatological clinical record and deal with the collection of technical-statistical data; they provide the ablation of the tartar and the roots smoothing as well as the topical application of the various prophylactic means; they provide education on the various methods of oral hygiene and on the use of diagnostic tools suitable for highlighting bacterial plaque motivating the need for periodic clinical checks; indicate the rules of a rational diet for the protection of dental health; they carry out their professional activity in public or private health facilities, either as dependent or freelance, following the indications of dentists and doctors who are authorized to practice dentistry. Graduates in Dental Hygiene are areducated with an adequate preparation in the basic disciplines, so as to allow them to better understand the most relevant elements that are at the base of the pathological processes that develop in the developmental, adult and geriatric age, on which it focuses their clinical intervention. They must also be able to use at least one European Union language, besides Italian, in the specific field of competence and for the exchange of general information.