Employment Opportunities


Functions: Management of complex situations requiring clear reasoning scheme. Data analysis. Advanced mathematical modelling. Educational and training activities related to mathematics and logical reasoning in general.

Skills: familiarity with the management, analysis and processing of numerical data.

Outlets: Graduates of the degree course in Mathematics may, in particular if they have appropriately chosen the curriculum and optional activities, carry out professional activities:

  • in companies and in industry;
  • in laboratories and research centres;
  • in the field of dissemination of scientific culture;
  • in services;
  • in the public administration;
  • in the schools;

with various areas of interest, including information technology, finance, engineering, health, communication, science, academics and, more generally, in all cases in which a flexible mentality is useful.

Access to teaching is governed by the provisions of the link.

The employment opportunities of graduates in mathematics are presented on the portal of the project "Mestieri dei Matematici", promoted by Piano Lauree Scientifiche (PLS)

The Department of Mathematics and Geosciences annually organizes “Matematici al lavoro”, a meeting with mathematicians who have already entered the world of work, and companies interested in hiring our graduates. In recent years, among others, representatives of Mediobanca, Allianz, CNR, Deloitte, Generali, Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions, Google and Accenture participated