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Premio Marco Reni

With the generous help from his friends, colleagues and in particular from his sister Anna Reni and her family, a  Premio Marco Reni, of 500 Euro, was created at the University of Trieste which is awarded once a year to a student in mathematics at the University of Trieste who  finished his studies with an excellent Laurea (Laurea cinquennale up to 2005/2006,  Laurea magistrale since 2007/2008).  

In a tragic accident in  the mountains, Marco Reni died on Saturday 10th of June 2000, at the age of 37 years, on a climbing tour on a summit in the Carnian Alps, two hours distance north of Trieste.
The mountains were the great passion and vocation of his life, he knew very well most parts of the Alps and had also experience in Himalaya.

Marco was born on the 28th of September 1962 in Busto Arsizio, a town north of Milano, as the second of six children.
He studied physics at the University of Milano taking his degree (Laurea) in 1986, with a thesis in mathematical physics.
In the same year he transferred to Trieste where he started a PhD-program at the SISSA, a graduate school in science situated close to the ICTP (International Center of Theoretical Physics, well-known also among mathematicians for its conferences and its location in one of the most beautiful places of the Trieste seaside). Here Marco started working in low-dimensional topology which should remain his main working field from now on.
After an interruption by his military service in 1987/88, he got his PhD in 1991 at the SISSA.
From 1991 to 1993 he was in Paris at the University of Paris-Sud at Orsay (CNRS Topologie et Dynamique), with a grant from the Italian government (CNR).
In 1993 he obtained the permanent position of  Ricercatore at the University of Trieste. Winning in the last national (centralized) Concorso of geometry in Italy in 1998, he became associate professor at the University of Trieste on the 1st of November 1999.
Among other places which he visited for professional reasons for some extended period one may mention the University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Toulouse. 

The price was awarded  as follows:

2021 - Andrea Rosana
2020 - Camillo Brena
2019 - Tommaso Rossi
2018 - Alessandro Giacchetto e Riccardo Tione (ex-aequo)
2017 - Alexander Dabrowski e Lorenzo Guerini (ex-aequo)
2016 - Massimo Bagnarol e Paolo Bonicatto (ex-aequo)
2015 - Elio Marconi e Gianluca Orlando (ex-aequo)
2014 - Andrea Seppi
2013 - Stefano  Modena
2012 - Matteo  Gallet
2011 - Luca Ghirardelli, Flaviana Iurlano
2010 - Elisa Davoli, Alessandra Guazzi
2009 - Andrea Mondino
2008 - Nicola Tito Pagani
2007 - non assegnato
2006 - Luca Bortolussi, Lorenzo Pellis
2005 - Elisa Rossit
2004 - Luis Alberto Molina Rojas
2003 - Orsola Tommasi