Course Objectives

The objective of the Master's Degree in Mathematics is to train graduates who possess a solid and in-depth knowledge in the various fields of advanced mathematics, and to give them the possibility of acquiring extensive skills in mathematics applied to various disciplines, as well as in teaching and incommunication of science.

Graduates in Mathematics will have access to work activities that require specific knowledge in the field of mathematics and its applications, but also rigorous reasoning and mathematical modelling ability, and management capacity. Graduates in Mathematics who wish to continue their training, both for entering the world of work and the field of scientific research, will have access to PhD programs and to various programs of second level master.

To this end, the educational offer provides a wide range of courses in advanced theoretical mathematics and in applied mathematics and modelling. The study plan is completed by some courses in related and supplementary subjects and some free choice activities, which have the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the training path, ensuring students the possibility of diversifying it according to their own autonomous choices.

In particular, some courses offer an in-depth study of the main topics and strands of mathematical disciplines, giving students the opportunity to learn the specific techniques of scientific research in the field of mathematics, to deepen their knowledge and to develop understanding skills, and autonomy and individual study skills.

Other courses offer an in-depth study of topics related to applications, such as modelling and scientific computing, as well as the deepening of knowledge in the physical and economic field. Some activities are aimed at developing the ability to understand mathematical problems from applications to other disciplines, or to be autonomous, but also the ability to work in groups and to relate to the world of work.

Finally, other courses and activities are aimed at those who intend to access the mathematics teacher's career in secondary schools, or to devote themselves to the communication and dissemination of scientific culture.