International Mobility

Promoting the internationalization of students, teachers and administrative staff is a crucial aspect of strategy at the University of Trieste.

The "Ufficio per la Mobilità Internazionale" (International Mobility Office) offers students/staff a number of opportunities to enhance their curriculum through international experience:

  • A 12 month (24 months for single-cycle Master’s programs) period abroad for study or thesis preparation;
  • Admission of incoming students from EU and non-EU countries who spend a period of study at the University of Trieste;
  • Organization of course counselling events, including the International Day to present mobility programs and the venues for the various degree courses;
  • Management of projects offering financial support both through the Erasmus+ program for one of the 28 EU and other participating countries and through international mobility grants offered by the University;
  • Organization of international Summer School programs with various partner universities;
  • Participation in international networks to promote exchange programs in more than 50 countries across the world.

Details are available on the website International Mobility.

Prof. Alberto D'Onofrio is the Delegate of the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences for International Mobility.