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Credit Recognition

This page provides information on credit approval for this degree course.

La studentessa Sonia FOSCHIATTI terra' un seminario mercoledi' 4 marzo 2020, ore 11.00 presso la Saletta Seminari del Dipartimento di Matematica e Geoscienze (edificio H2bis, terzo piano)  per il conseguimento dei crediti di tipo F dal titolo "Moduli spaces of algebraic curves"

In this talk we will present the moduli space of curves of genus g, namely a geometric space whose points represent isomorphism classes of curves of genus g.

We will describe the moduli spaces of algebraic curves of genus 0 and 1, in the second case from the analytic and the algebraic point of view.

Then we will describe the moduli spaces of n-pointed compact Riemann surfaces of genus 0, showing how they differ depending on the number of removed points.