Entry Requirements

Admission to this Master's Degree course is subject to the admission interview and the satisfaction of the minimum necessary requirements. In general, candidates must hold a three-year university degree (BSc) or other academic qualification recognised as equivalent or higher (even foreign) and must satisfy the following minimum requirements: a total of 12 ECTS in one or more of the following academic disciplines: FIS (all), GEO (all); a total of 18 ECTS in one or more of the following disciplines: MAT (all), FIS (all), CHIM (all), INF/01 and ING-INF/05 (only a maximum of 6 ECTS will be considered valid in the calculation if acquired in the SSD INF/01 and ING-INF/05), and a total of 60 ECTS in one or more of the following academic disciplines: - ING-INF/01,02,03,04,05,07 - FIS /01,02,03,04,05,06,07 - MAT/01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09 - GEO/01,02,03,04,05,06,07 ,08,09,10,11,12 - ICAR/01,02,03,04,06,07,08,09 - ING-IND/06,11. The actual individual preparation will be verified according to the methods indicated in the course teaching regulations. A good knowledge of the English language is also required (B2 level certification or equivalent).

Entry Procedures:

Admission to the Master's Degree Course in Geophysics and Geodata of graduates with a first level qualification, or other equivalent or higher academic qualification (Italian or foreign), is subject to the possession of the minimum curricular requirements (see above), and to the results of the admission interview. Furthermore, adequate knowledge of the English language is required, certified by the possession of an internationally recognised certification (level B2 or equivalent), or by passing a level B2 English language proficiency test. The interview is aimed to: examine the CV of previous studies with the candidate (exams taken, number of credits, grades, contents) in order to confirm/update the evaluation of credits recognised as valid for admission to the course; evaluate the degree thesis and/or any other experiences that the candidate has had (internships, training courses etc.), the candidate's skills and preparation; propose a study plan for the Master's Degree; answer any questions about the course of study and the prospects offered. At the end of the interview, the members of the Commission decide on the student's admission,

non-admission or admission conditioned on a specific study plan. Candidates will carry out the interview in person or remotely: date, location and link to the virtual classroom will be published on the Department homepage (https://dmg.units.it/) and in the Course News (https://corsi.units.it/sm64/avvisi). Further information can be requested via email.

Admission Interview - Date

- 5 September 2023 10 a.m

- 28 September 2023 10 a.m.