Employment Opportunities

Graduates will be able to find extensive employment opportunities in a large number of sectors including (but not limited to):

- Public bodies
- National and foreign geological services
- National and foreign seismological services
- Companies researching and producing oil and energy sources
- Mining research and exploitation
- Water resources research, monitoring and management companies
- Design and engineering companies
- Geophysical services and consultancy companies
- Freelancers
- Bodies responsible for monitoring and protecting the environment
- Public and private research bodies.

Furthermore, graduates of the Master's Degree in Geophysics and Geodata, through registration in Section A of the Register of Geologists as required by the legislation on the profession of geologist, will be able to carry out activities related to the responsibility of planning, design, execution and technical-coordination management of interventions that concern the specific skills illustrated above.

Events and internships are organized with industries and institutions in the sector to help graduates find employment in line with their skills and interests