Course Objectives

The Bachelor's Degree Course aims to train the professional figure of the Naval Architect and Marine Engineer with a 1st level training that then continues with the Master's Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

The Bachelor's Degree Course in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering aims to provide students with an adequate mastery of general scientific methods and content aimed at providing a solid scientific, mathematical, physical, and chemical basic culture, the acquisition of professional knowledge common to the Industrial Engineering, as well as those specific to Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (in this disciplinary area are included the sectors of ING-IND/01 Naval Architecture, ING-IND/02 Ship Construction and Marine Engineering, and ING-IND/15 Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering). Therefore, the training course is fundamentally based on the following thematic areas of learning: 

  • Basic Area (that includes Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, and Linguistic knowledge); 
  • Generic Area of Industrial Engineering (that includes Structural Mechanics, Technical Physics, Marine Engines, Electrotechnics, and Materials Science and Technology); 
  • Specific Area of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (that includes courses about the Graphic eepresentation of hull forms, Hydrodynamics, Ship Buoyancy and Stability, and Ship Construction).

The training programme also includes some courses autonomously chosen by the student, as long as they are coherent with the training project. In addition, the Bachelor's Degree Course aims to develop in students the ability to work in coordinated groups, the critical skills to evaluate the solutions of technical problems required to a modern Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, the ability to assume roles of technical and organizational responsibilities, and the ability to understand the importance of maintaining operational skills constantly updated. In summary, the training programme aims to create professional figures with a basic technical culture in the field of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, by which further developments are possible, figures of immediate recognition, able to easily enter and navigate in the world of work.