Course Description

«Correct building is the most expressive synthesis of the ability of a people and is the most significant element for judging the degree of their civilization and their spirit». P.L. Nervi

The BSc course in Civil and Environmental Engineering of University of Trieste is offered by the Department of Engineering and Architecture and trains a professional figure for the design, construction and management of civil and environmental infrastructures and civil and industrial buildings. Along the three years (180 ECTS), it integrates traditional and innovative knowledge for graduates with a solid basic scientific culture and with specific professional knowledge in the fields of structures, building construction, infrastructures, hydraulic and environmental engineering.

Graduates can be admitted to the MSc degree in Civil Engineering of the University of Trieste which presents some curricula in Civil, Environmental and Infrastructural areas of specialisation.

Along the course, the student can spend a period abroad through the Erasmus + program and can access the honour college L. Fonda.