Employment Opportunities

The highly multi-disciplinary nature of the degree course program guarantees a broad range of professional and employment openings as well as opportunities for further study both in Italy and abroad.

Main areas of employment

Technical professions in business organization and administration, including financial and commercial activities

  • Functions:
    • Business administration, management and organization
    • Supply of financial, banking and insurance services
    • Purchase, sale, commercialization and distribution of services and products on the market
    • Supervision of corporate organizational and management questions
    • Accountancy and bookkeeping
  • Skills: specialized technical knowledge to select and apply defined and predetermined operational protocols and procedures in manufacturing and services sectors with specific regard to company organization and management as well as financial and commercial activities
  • Professional and employment openings:
    • Technical specialists in the organization and administration of manufacturing
    • Technical specialists in the financial and insurance sectors
    • Technical specialists in market relations
    • Technical specialists in commercial distribution and similar professions


Specialists in administrative, commercial and banking sciences

  • Functions:
    • Administration and control of organizational activities of companies and public sector authorities
    • Organization of work and management of human resources
    • Accountancy and financial management of public and private sector companies
    • Supply and commercialization of goods and services
    • Communications and presentation of the external and internal image of companies and organizations
  • Skills: a good level of theoretical knowledge to analyze and present complex situations and problems in the area of administrative, commercial and financial sciences, to propose possible solutions and to take the necessary decisions
  • Professional and employment openings:
    • Specialists in the administration and control of public sector authorities
    • Specialists in the administration and control of private sector companies
    • Specialists in market relations
    • Specialists in the administration and development of human resources and work organization
    • Specialists in accountancy and financial problems
    • Specialists in accountancy and auditing (professions governed by specific rules and regulations)


Opportunities for further study

In addition to the employment openings, the degree course also provides opportunities for further study in 1st level specialist or Master’s degrees.

In particular, the University of Trieste offers a Master’s degree in Strategy and Corporate Consultancy (Strategia e consulenza aziendale), which is a natural continuation of the programs in Economics and Business Administration.