Course Objectives

Depending on the particular specialization chosen, the course aims to provide students with:

  • fundamental economic, business, legal and quantitative knowledge to understand effectively from both a domestic and an international point of view the production process and the organizations involved in this process
  • an effective economic and business culture in order to understand in detail the considerable changes currently occurring in firms and in the management of economic activities in the face of global competition.

Through a program centered on an overall and inter-functional vision of the ‘business’ phenomenon, students acquire the skills to understand the range of problems that firms face. Depending on the courses chosen, they will acquire:

  • competence in the main topics in international business administration and an analysis of company operations in integrated markets
  • an understanding of the main corporate economic tools used in business administration and control in domestic and international private and public sector firms working in the manufacturing, commercial and service sectors
  • the required expertise to take the professional qualifications granting access to the recognized economics professions.

To satisfy these objectives, five areas of study have been identified which jointly contribute to the realization of the learning objectives:

1. Area ‘Business administration and management’

2. Area ‘Economics’

3. Area ‘Quantitative studies’

4. Area ‘Legal studies’

5. Area ‘Culture and General and applied learning’