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Academic Year 2019/2020

The course has open admission; however, prospective students are required to take an assessment test, the Test On Line CISIA.
The Degree course comprises 2 curricula in Italian and one curriculum in English:
- for the curriculum “Amministrazione e controllo” and "Gestione aziendale" candidates must take the test TOLC-E
- for the curriculum “Business e Management” candidates must take the ENGLISH TOLC-E

If you have a “SAT” certification with a score equal or higher than 800 /1600 or a “GMAT” certification with a score equal or higher than 400/800, you do not need to take the ENGLISH-TOLC-E to enroll in the English curriculum. If you have a lower score, you could enroll with O.F.A. – Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi (Obligation to follow additional courses).


Before starting registration, the University of Trieste encourages candidates to follow the TUTORIAL that shows the procedure on the CISIA web page.
Candidates must first register on the CISIA website, then for the TOLC-E or for the ENGLISH TOLC-E, and choose one of the dates made available.
The University of Trieste is among the university branches proposed. The University of Trieste offers various selection dates: 21 March, 11 April, 18 July, 29 August, 12 Septembre, 3 Octobre

Prospective  students with disabilities, after the TOLC registration must fill in the form for specific services at least 15 days before the test, in order to indicate the necessary support services, in accordance with regulations in force.
Contacts:, Ph.: 040 558 2570/7663 and, Ph.: 040 558 7792

Enrolment procedure
  • After the english TOLC-E (english TOLC-E tests taken as from January 2018 are valid for enrolment)
  • Register for UNITS online services
  • From 15 July to 3 October (5 p.m.) 2019 login and register using the item ”Competitive Admission Exam”
  • Choose then “Ammissione Economia con English TOLC-E: corsi con curriculum in inglese" and follow the procedure
  • Wait some days for the online enrolment procedure: it will start from 23 July 2019. Then follow the instructions .

PAY ATTENTION: due to technical problems, the online enrolment opens on 30 July 2019.

  • If your test score is lower than 9 you can enroll but with supplementary study requirements (O.F.A. – obblighi formativi aggiuntivi)

For information contact:

For years after the first register for the Selection as described above, then contact the coordinators of the study programmes for a preliminary assessment of your previous studies and to know if you are exempted from the TOLC-E test.

Enrolment deadline is 7 October 2019.

If you have applied for an ARDISS grant, you should state this in the online enrolment procedure so as to receive a pre-exemption and pay only the €16.00 registration fee.

Read all the information on university fees.


Enrolment Help

For help on the online entry and matriculation process, computer workstations and staff are available at the University Info-point.
The Info-point is in Piazzale Europa 1, central building, right wing, ground floor. To use the service, you need to make a booking (letter H).

 use the virtual reservation system UFIRST to book your turn (Download the free app that stands in the queue for you) or take a ticket from the machine in the waiting room .

Opening times from 15 July to 7 October 2019

Monday: bookings from 14.45 to 15.45; desk open from 15.00 until all bookings processed
Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday: bookings from 8.30 to 10.30; desk open from  9.00 until all bookings processed
Friday: closed