Employment Opportunities

Specialists in finance and banking

Functions: The professions in which this profile is found support specialists in the areas of:

financial administration of businesses, organizations, banks and insurance companies;
delivery of banking services to the public;
planning and development of financial investments for families;
intermediation of share ttrading and contracts.

Expertise: Potential professional openings require a strong background in planning as well as the management and delivery of banking and financial services.

Opportunities: Technical specialists in financial management, Technical specialists in banking services, Stockbrokers and securities dealers, Technical specialists in brokerage and similar professions.


Specialists in management and commerce

Functions: The professions in which this profile is found support specialists in the areas of

high-level administrative services involving documentary research and preparation of data reports;
company accountancy, analyzing, classifying and registering financial activities and the balance sheet and supporting pay-roll staff;
company cash-flow operations, managing payments, invoicing, accounts and auditing;
application of the procedures and techniques necessary to control and optimize production processes, personnel and plant productivity, logistics and running costs;
purchasing of goods, equipment, raw materials and services, i.e. the assessment of market prices, product features and quality, suppliers and acquisitions;
company sales strategies, control of the distribution and sales networks, sales monitoring;
sales brokering of goods and services.

Expertise: Potential professional openings require skills in:

management and control of organizational activities in companies and public-sector authorities;
organization of work and human resources management;
financial management of private- and public-sector companies;
supply and marketing of goods and services

Opportunities: Specialists in general administration, Accountants, Economists and Treasurers, Specialists in production organization and management, Specialists in exchange and option contracts and credit recovery; Specialists in financial leases, Supply and purchasing specialists, Specialists in sales and distribution, Marketing specialists, Specialists in consignment and commercial organization, Sales agents, Dealers and Representatives.