Course Description

The single-cycle (5 years) Master Degree Course in Architecture proposes a multidisciplinary and complete educational offer. The objective is to make the students capable to deal with the different scales of a project, and to cover the increasingly innovative roles that today characterize the architect's activity.
The educational offer is based on workshop activities and on mono-disciplinary courses.
Teachings characterizing the study course are mainly developed through workshop activities (architecture, construction, and urban planning). In particular, each year, Design Workshops prepare the students to deal with increasingly complex project issues, at various scales of intervention. The aim is to make them able to acquire, and to experiment in a real context, the ability to develop, implement, coordinate, and verify the outcomes of projects for architectures and interior design, parts of the city, the protection and restoration of historical built heritage, as well as landscape and town plans and projects. Students will use specific techniques belonging to different subject areas, in particular, those of representation and advanced modeling, and will experiment solutions targeted to integrate design with innovative production processes, to pursue sustainability and resilience objectives, as well as the technical and economic feasibility of interventions. Through multi- and inter-disciplinary work, the aim is to develop and consolidate the ability to understand the problems, to apply the acquired knowledge, to independently formulate project proposals based on the available information. The educational framework is completed by base and characterizing mono-disciplinary courses, three per year, and meant to prepare to the design experiences developed through the workshop activities.
The possibility to attend courses and workshops in foreign affiliated University, in different periods and up to 24 months, is also facilitated by the optimal ratio of teachers/students, that allows, in case of need, to follow the educational path of students abroad.
In the last year of the course there is the possibility to choose, in the context of the Integrated Design Workshops, between two courses ("Architecture and built environment" or "City, territory, and landscape"), in order to allow the students to make a mature choice regarding the further development of their design skills.