Course Description

The Master of Science programme in Mechanical Engineering offers students an adequate preparation on scientific and technical topics, together with general methodologies, which integrate skills and knowledge acquired after completing a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. In addition, the programme provides specific professional skills in the areas of mechanical engineering and energy. More specifically, the programme offers two alternative curricula: the first is focused on mechanical design and prototyping, and the second on energy. The first curriculum aims to provide advanced preparation in the areas of mechanical design, robotics, virtual prototyping and additive manufacturing; the curriculum in energy provides advanced skills in the field of energy systems, energy production from renewable and traditional sources, and environmental sustainability and wellbeing systems.

Graduates in Mechanical Engineering, given their academic preparation characterized by modern methodological and interdisciplinary skills, can be employed in numerous industrial and advanced tertiary sectors, such as, for example, the manufacturing sector, energy supply chain, plant engineering for the industrial and civil sector , industrial design and consultancy.