Course Objectives

The program of the international course in Production Engineering and Management places more emphasis on satisfying the needs of those who will hold management positions in medium-sized companies in the OstWestfalen-Lippe and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions and in North Italy. The degree course provides advanced instruction in the field of Production Engineering and Management, extending the knowledge and expertise already acquired in the first degree. The specific objective of the Master’s degree is to prepare high-level professional figures able to combine knowledge of fundamental principles and the respective methodological ability with the understanding and skills needed to resolve complex problems, particularly regarding the design and development of innovative systems, processes and products.  Students are expected to develop skills in intercultural communication in English.

A graduate in Production Engineering and Management understands technologies and can model complex systems. Characteristic features are a project-driven approach, a strong commitment to innovation and a preference for qualitative and quantitative analytical and support tools. The Production Engineering and Management graduate is able to address highly complex and heterogeneous methodologies and procedures in which the human element and the organizational and economic problems interact closely with the technological issues.