Course Description

"Shape the future of technology"

with the new Master Degree in Materials and Chemical Engineering for Nano, Bio, and Sustainable Technologies (IN ENGLISH)



"As we gain more knowledge about materials and processes in the universe, that could open up benefits that we can't even imagine" - F. Kavli

Materials and processes are at the very core of modern industry. They are essential to all industrial activities, enable the development of new technologies, and have unlimited applications: from energy production, to transportation, to the electronics, design, textiles, biomedical, food, sports industries, and more.

This program is tailored for bachelor graduates in Industrial Engineering or other technical and scientific degrees (check the admission requirements), seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in materials science and engineering, and in chemical and process engineering

Our interdisciplinary approach will provide you with the necessary tools to understand material properties, performance, and production, and design processes using the most appropriate materials in emerging sectors such as:

  • nanotechnology and biotechnology
  • sustainability and renewable energy
  • modern industry

Join us today and be a pioneer in shaping the future of technology!

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