Course Description

The degree program provides an advanced preparation in the field of materials science and engineering, and chemical and process engineering, integrating adequate knowledge and skills already acquired with the achievement of the Bachelor’s degree, particularly with the degree in Industrial Engineering.

Chemical and process engineering, and materials engineering are disciplines without application boundaries and that are able to offer concrete solutions for every sector: transport, energy production, design, textiles, biomedical, food, luxury and sport.

The materials, as well as processes to optimally produce them, are at the heart of many industrial activities and constitute an indispensable platform on which to base the development of new technologies.

Thanks to a markedly interdisciplinary scientific approach, this course provides the tools to understand the relationship between the properties of materials, their performance and how to produce them.

Particular attention is paid to how, thanks to chemical engineering and materials engineering, it is possible to design processes and use the most suitable materials in emerging sectors such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, technologies for sustainability, technologies for modern industry, and renewable energy.