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A.A. 2018 / 2019

Secondo semestre
Tipo attività formativa 
[PDS0-2016 - Ord. 2016] comune
Mutuato: EC01 - 023EC - BUSINESS ENGLISH
Lingua insegnamento 


Obiettivi formativi 

The course consists of 30 hours of lectures.

Students are kindly requested to attend the lectures to reach a solid B2 level in the receptive (listening reading) and the productive (speaking and writing) skills (see CEFR).

Course activities will include:
• Talks designed on business topics
• Power Point and lecture presentations
• Activities to exercise and develop reading, writing, speaking, listening skills


Grammar focus will include the following:

A. Grammar topics
1. Tenses and verbs (Irregular verbs, the past, present, future, tenses, the conditionals)
2. Relative clauses (defining, non-defining)
3. Present, past and future tenses
4. The conditionals
5. Relative clauses
6. The passive voice
7. Reported speech
8. Modal Verbs – expressing ability, obligation, possibility and necessity
9. Countable and uncountable nouns
10. Gerunds and infinitives
11. Time clauses
12. Reference words
13. Clauses and sentence construction
14. Reported speech
15. Quantifiers: a lot of, much/many, (a) little/few
16. Some/any and compounds (something, somebody, somewhere, etc.)
17. Definite and indefinite articles
18. Phrasal verbs

As regards business communication skills the following topics will be taught:

B. Business Communication Skills (Units from the book)
1. Alliances
2. Projects
3. Team working
4. Information
5. Technology
6. Advertising
7. Law
8. Brands
9. Investment
10. Energy
11. Going public
12. Competition
13. Banking
14. Training
15. Consulting

Modalità di verifica dell'apprendimento 

The exam is written (2 hours). It will assess topics and subjects presented during the course, as well as the students’ competence of dealing with texts in the field of finance, economics and business.
The exam is composed of four parts:
1. reading comprehension (open questions/multiple choice)
2. Use of English (grammar focus on the topics mentioned in section A)
3. listening (multiple choice)
4. an essay of about 180-200 words on the topics discussed during the course (see the textbook)

Testi di riferimento 

1. Trappe, T. & Tullis, G. (2006) Intelligent Business, Upper-Intermediate, Longman Pearson.(compulsory)
2. Emmerson, P. 2010 Essential Business Grammar Builder ISBN: 9781405070485 Limited (suggested but not compulsory)
3. Business English Dictionary (Oxford) ISBN: 978-0-19-431617-0 (suggested but not compulsory)

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